Special Pack Perfumer - Libro "Mi Nariz y Yo" + Roses Water by Jimmy Boyd

Special pack of the Book “My nose and me” + a fresh water. EDT 200 ml.


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Special Pack of Book and rose essence

“My Nose and Me” book & Rose water

Discover the mystery of perfumes with your sense of smell and enjoy the Rose Water essence of Jimmy Boyd.

Give a book with the elegance and essence of roses.

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An elegant gift of a book and the essence of roses.

Book “My Book and Me” & Rose Water by Jimmy Boyd

The book “My Nose and Me”: Reflections of a Perfumer, Jimmy Boyd.

This book will help you become aware of your sense of smell and discover the most convenient fragrances to your personality.

A book that disseminates the secrets of perfumery and enables you to discover its mysteries in an easy way.

The scent of Roses: Rose Water for special occasions. Discover a fresh and floral fragrance which gives you a sense of wellbeing.

Discover the mysteries of scents with your sense of smell and enjoy the essence of Rose Water by Jimmy Boyd

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