Spring Rain Water 200ml


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Spring Rain Water, eau de toilette 200ml. (My Way Collection).

A very special combination of herbaceous essences extolled by the mystery and depth of the moss of the Holm oak and the essence of Cedar.

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Spring Rain Water, eau de toilette 200ml.

Nothing more inspiring than a walk in the woods, I remember one morning walking down a mall with my Clan dog (who smelled the master!), when someone whispered in my ear to call my attention but no one saw.
For the second time I heard the whispering sound more insistently and asked if there was anyone to demonstrate.
This is how a nymph addressed me with the following words:"I know what you are looking for here and I am going to give you the solution, with the commitment that you will never tell anyone where I live.
Take a bowl of mud and fill it with the raindrops that are left on the litter.
This is the smell! Play it and offer it to your people.

Natural Fragrance and Free

Tested on animalsNo
Natural IngredientsYes
Organic EssencesYes
Vegan FriendlyYes
Ozone FriendlyYes
Recyclable packagingYes


Let the emocations of smell flood your senses. Components:

  • Rosemary
  • Grass
  • Wooden thrush

It is presented in version:

200ml EDT. glass container.

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