Wild Roses 200ml


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Wild Roses, eau de toilette 200ml (My Way collection).

The chord of the essence of the rose which is the feeling and essence of the thrush reflecting the free and open spaces inspire the love in freedom.

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Wild Roses, eau de toilette 200ml.

Love is the expression of the heart and the closest vibration to it is the essence of Rosa Silvestre. This has always been the one who has directed my life, displacing even the mind. Love is the motor of my being.
The essence of Rosa Silvestre connects directly to the most universal sense of connection with everything that allows you to experience moments of absolute fullness.

Natural Fragrance and Free

Tested on animalsNo
Natural IngredientsYes
Organic EssencesYes
Vegan FriendlyYes
Ozone FriendlyYes
Recyclable packagingYes


Let the emocations of smell flood your senses. Components:

  • Rose
  • Muguet "convallaria majalis".

They are presented in version:

200ml EDT. glass (DOBLE CONCENTRATION), with spray valve.

Eau de cologne of 500ml. in PET bottle (RECICLABLE).

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