Made in Ibiza 200ml.


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Ibiza, eau de toilette 200ml (My Way collection).

The freshness of the citrus notes combined with the essence of verbena and thyme faithfully reproduce the Mediterranean spirit of the island finally reinforced with amber.

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Ibiza, eau de toilette 200ml.

In 1975 I discovered the island of Ibiza and it totally changed my life, because I broke with all the schemes in which I was educated.
The connection with its imposing Mediterranean nature and its citrus fruits, Ibizenco countryside and herbs, its herbal liqueurs inside inspired me in the presentation of some of my cologne waters, the bohemian life of resident painters like David Walsh,Ferrer Guash and Elmyr de Hory, the great forger of Modigliani, and of course, the hippies with their "make love and not war", broke the school rigidity with which I had been educated, taking out my most rebellious side. My freedom was born.


Natural Fragrance and Free

Tested on animalsNo
Natural IngredientsYes
Organic EssencesYes
Vegan FriendlyYes
Ozone FriendlyYes
Recyclable packagingYes


Feel the emotions that flood your senses. Components:

  • Lemon ""citrus limonum""
  • Bergamot ""citrus bergamia""
  • Verbena
  • Amber

They are presented in version:

200ml EDT. glass (DOBLE CONCENTRATION), with spray valve.

Eau de cologne of 500ml. in PET bottle (RECICLABLE).

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