Wonderful India Essence 200ml.


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Wonderful India... eau de toilette 200ml (My Way collection).

The reflection of this mood is a chord between the essence of Lima and Pachuli, as well as other exotic notes. The mystery, sensuality and spirituality coexist in a perfume.

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Wonderful India... eau de toilette 200ml.

I found a Fairy along the way and awakened spirituality in me.

I ended up in Kathmandu living with the monks of Tibet and learned from them the Zen attitude and to live in peace and harmony.
All those values have positively changed my life and continue to make me grow.

Natural Fragrance and Free

Tested on animalsNo
Natural IngredientsYes
Organic EssencesYes
Vegan FriendlyYes
Ozone FriendlyYes
Recyclable packagingYes


Let the odour emocations flood your senses. Components:

  • Lima
  • Pachuli

They are presented in version:

200ml EDT. glass (DOBLE CONCENTRATION), with spray valve.

Eau de cologne of 500ml. in PET bottle (RECICLABLE).

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