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Find your lost perfume by Jimmy Boyd

Find your lost perfume

A perfume awakens unimaginable emotions and can take you to the depths of your memory, from childhood, passing through memories of loved persons, from special situations to old loves.


JIMMY BOYD PERFUMISTA presents the Biorganics collection, crafted only with bio-organic components inspired by nature.

Sweet Home

Three special acords with natural Fragrance created to personalise the different atmospheres of your home

The flowers of my garden

ROSE, JASMIN and ORANGE BLOSSOM, three exceptional fragrances obtained from the ancestral “enfleurage” method. The most pure essence of each of them, called ABSOLUTE.

My Way

Jimmy Boyd perfumer presents the Collection of fragrances that reflect olfactory sequences that evoke Scotland, Ibiza, Kathmandu, Nature and Love.

Original Fresh Water

The Original Fresh Waters was created in 1979 by Jimmy Boyd. In its elaboration we add the freshly picked herb or flower to macerate and enhance its completely natural personality.

Happy Bath

A collection of bath products of 100% natural origin perfumed with BIO essences

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